ОКТ ангиография Глазной кровтоток при ДМО

ОКТ ангиография Глазной кровтоток при ДМО Нероев В.В.

ОКТ ангиография Глазной кровтоток при ДМО

ОКТ ангиография. Глазной кровтоток при ДМО, Нероев В.В. с соавт., 2019 год.


OCT-angiography and ultrasound Doppler in assessment of ocular blood flow in diabetic macular edema.

Neroev V.V., Kiseleva T.N., Okhotsimskaya T.D., Ryabina M.V., Fadeeva V.A.

Helmholtz National Medical Research Center of Eye Diseases, Russia, helmholtzeyeinstitute.ru

EURETINA 2019, Paris.

Purpose: to determine the changes of ocular blood flow (OBF) in patients with diabetic macular edema (DME) after intravitreal ranibizumab injection (IRI).

Methods: 25 patients (50 eyes) with monolateral clinically significant DME

1. Color Doppler Imaging (CDI) and pulsed dopplerography in the ophthalmic artery (OA), in the central retinal artery (CRA), in the short posterior cilliary arteries (PCAs)

2. Assessment of hemodynamic parameters: - peak systolic velocity (PSV, cm/s); - end-diastolic velocity (EDV, cm/s); - resistance index (RI)

3. OCT-angiography (OCT-A): vessels density and foveal avascular zone (FAZ) data All examinations were carried out before treatment, and also 3 days, 2 weeks and 1 month after IRI.


Using ultrasound Doppler and OCT-angiography for assessment of ocular blood flow we registered no negative effect of antiangiogenic therapy on microcirculation of the retina and the circulation in orbital vessels including CRA, short PCA.

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