23rd Humans in Space Symposium

23rd Humans in Space Symposium, April 5-8, 2021, Moscow, Russia

23rd Humans in Space Symposium

Смотри Анонс 2

23rd Humans in Space Symposium, April 5-8, 2021, Moscow, Russia.

Hosting Organizaion: State Scientific Center of Russian Federation INSTITUTE OF BIOMEDICAL PROBLEMS of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Honorary International Organization Committee:

J.-M. Contant, France A. Perminov, Russia S.Saveliev, Russia A.Grigoriev, Russia

International Organization Committee Chairperson:

O. Orlov, Russia

Programm Committee Chairperson: E. Fomina, Russia

Local Steering Committee Chairperson: S. Ponomarev, Russia.

Topics of scientific and plenary sessions:

- Challenges of Future Spaceflights

- Muscle and Bones

- Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

- Neuroscience


- Vision Impairment

- Space Psychology

- Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Deep Space Missions

- Human Factors in the Interplanetary Missions

- Immunology

- Circadian Rhythm

- Food and Nutrition in Space Missions

- Transcriptomics and Genomics in Space - Personalized Medicine

- Exercise and Countermeasures in the Interplanetary Missions

- Countermeasure Evaluation

- Medical Support in the Autonomous Flight

- Telemedicine in Interplanetary Missions

- Life Support System and Habitats

- Artificial Intelligence

- Analogue Environments

- Isolation

- Multidisciplinary Studies related with Humans in Space

- Astrobiology

- Space Biology and Space Biotechnology

- Radiation

- Commercial Spaceflight / Space Tourism

- Mars Exploration

- Women in Space

- Education and Outreach

- Special Topic: 60th Anniversary of the First Human Space Flight.

INSTITUTE OF BIOMEDICAL PROBLEMS: http://www.imbp.ru/start.html

Venue: 4-star Radisson Blu Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre, Moscow.

Key Dates:

- September 15, 2020 - Call for Papers & 1st Announcement

- October 01, 2020  - Opening of Registration  and Abstract Submission

- December 15, 2020 - Abstract Submission Deadline

- February 05, 2021 - Early registration fee

- March 5, 2021 - 2nd Announcement & Preliminary Program

- April 5, 2021 - Conference

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